Fur Felt

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  1. 1930s Bollman Collection Trilby
    1930s Bollman Collection Trilby
    Starting at $100.00
  2. Draper III Fedora
    Draper III Fedora
    Regular Price $350.00 Starting at $255.00
  3. Girvin Fedora
    Girvin Fedora
    Starting at $365.00
  4. Pro 5X Open Western Hat
    Pro 5X Open Western Hat
    Starting at $260.00
  5. Auman Fedora
    Auman Fedora
    Starting at $370.00
  6. Burgan Fedora
    Burgan Fedora
    Starting at $360.00
  7. Flume Fedora
    Flume Fedora
    Starting at $350.00
  8. Legacy 100X Western Hat
    Legacy 100X Western Hat
    Starting at $700.00
  9. Legacy 100X Open Western Hat
    Legacy 100X Open Western Hat
    Starting at $700.00
  10. Stellar 20X Western Hat
    Stellar 20X Western Hat
    Starting at $420.00
  11. Gage 10X Western Hat
    Gage 10X Western Hat
    Starting at $340.00
  12. Courtright 7X Open Western Hat
    Courtright 7X Open Western Hat
    Starting at $300.00

Items 1-12 of 20

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Men’s Shop by Fabric: Fur Felt

Your clothing shouldn’t just look good: it should feel good as well. Is there any cozier feeling than a warm felt hat nestled comfortably down around your ears? We don’t think there is, and that’s why we offer plenty of fur styles that exude sophistication and comfort. Pick up all the mens fur felt hats you need for the fall weather(or even a chilly spring day) for a great price when you buy at Hats.com.

Warmth and Comfort in Class

You don’t have to compromise between warmth and comfort or style and flair when you buy your hats from Hats.com. Whether you go in for the classic noir look of a fur felt fedora or you’re itching to go on an adventure in a swooping Rio Lobo Western hat, you’ll find just what you’re looking for among the vast stock of our digital inventory. And if you’re looking to bulk up on mens fur felt hats to customize the perfect outfit, we’ve got even better news: we’ll ship your order for free when you spend $75 or more!

Do Things the Hats.com Way

Don’t be intimidated when it comes to taking care of your new felt hat: it’s easier to keep it in great shape than you might believe. Classic men’s hats should never make you choose between staying snug and looking great, and we aim to hit that goal every single time at Hats.com. Shop our world of mens fur felt hats and experience the difference at Hats.com today.