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  1. Panama Player Fedora
    Panama Player Fedora
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  2. Havana Panama Fedora
    Havana Panama Fedora
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    Sydney Straw Panama Trilby
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  4. Thurman Panama Fedora
    Thurman Panama Fedora
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  5. Fedora Explorer Straw Hat
    Fedora Explorer Straw Hat
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  6. Ardit Fedora
    Ardit Fedora
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Men’s Shop by Fabric: Men’s Genuine Panama

The Panama hat is one of the most iconic styles in the entire kingdom of headwear, a cool tropical look that lets your companions know you’re at ease with anything and everything that can come your way. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or traipsing down the boulevard, a spread of men’s Panama hats for all your breezy outfits is essential, and now you can get the finest of them when you explore the collection at

Look Cool and Stay Cool

Keep yourself protected from the sun in the most stylish way possible when you shop our vast selection of Panama hats. Our exclusive Glenn K. fedora makes a splash with its two-color blend, and this classic Panama fedora brings forth the image of strong margaritas and sultry Havana nights. No matter which of our Panama hats for men you end up taking home with you, you’ll be able to save when you spend more than $75 and have it delivered to you at absolutely no shipping charge!

Give Us Your Feedback

Whether you’re looking for one of our men’s wide brim Panama hats or another genuine Panama item among our thousands of hats and accessories, we’re always happy to hear from curious customers. Get in touch with us today and let us know if you have any questions or comments about something you’ve seen on our website. Men’s Panama hats will never go out of style, so get ready for the summer the right way and shop at today.