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Also known as a patrol cap, scout cap, or field cap, our army-style baseball caps have a flat top with a stiff, rounded brim. They were first used by the military for personnel who wore them as part of their non-combat uniform.

Many aspects of military uniforms from around the world have made it into our style anthology, including army caps, pea coats, utility jackets, and so much more! Wear this hat to bring a modern army twist to your apparel and discover the many styles and colors we have to offer.

Browse Our Variety brings you army-style baseball caps in a number of different styles, materials, and colors. The designs we carry use cotton, twill, polyester, acrylic, and spandex. While some hats are made from a single material, some use blends for a more flexible and durable option. You’ll also find a number of blue, gray, black, and brown hues that are made to match any outfit you put together.

Check out a sporty look or something that exudes a bit more street style by brands like Bailey and Kangol.

The Shopping Experience

When you shop with us, we guarantee you’ll find a quality hat that suits your needs. With our variety of styles and designers, there’s no hat you can’t find! We even offer help with specialty brands and cuts you might be having trouble finding. Shop and express your style!

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  1. Marnul
  2. Sanville
  3. Textured Wool Army Cap
    Textured Wool Army Cap
  4. Pattern Army Cap
    Pattern Army Cap
    Out of stock
  5. Private Army Cap
    Private Army Cap
    Regular Price $30.00 Special Price $22.50
  6. Washed Army Cap
    Washed Army Cap
  7. Cotton Adjustable Army Cap
    Cotton Adjustable Army Cap
  8. Ripstop Army Cap
    Ripstop Army Cap
  9. Cotton Twill Army Cap
    Cotton Twill Army Cap
  10. Denim Flexfit Army Cap
    Denim Flexfit Army Cap
  11. Championship Army Cap
    Championship Army Cap
    Regular Price $40.00 Special Price $30.00
  12. Samuel L. Jackson Golf Army Cap with Flap
    Samuel L. Jackson Golf Army Cap with Flap
    Regular Price $50.00 Special Price $15.00

12 Items

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