Beret Hats — Je T’Aime!

While many people still associate beret hats with France and Spain, a similar style of headwear has been popular since the Bronze Age from ancient Italy through Northern Europe. The modern beret design was originally manufactured in Southern France during the 17th century and was associated with the working class. Today, beret hats are worn around the world by military bodies as well as fashionable men and women!

Explore the variety of beret hats for men available at and add this stylish accessory to your daily rotation.

Beret Styles and Selection

From spring and summer styles in viscose and nylon to winter and fall looks in wool felt and acrylic, you’ll find the perfect beret hat for men to pair with any season.* You can also explore a large selection of colors including black, blue, beige, purple, pink, and patterned!

Decide between a structured, street-style beret or a voluminous military-inspired design — or just buy them all! Discover our favorite fashions from Kangol, Kangol for Disney, and Borsalino when you shop for our men’s beret hats!

*We ensure all materials are sustainable sourced, so you can shop guilt free!

Only the Best from

Part of the promise is our commitment to quality and excellence. We strive to bring you the best headwear available — with new pieces added every week! All of our hats are chosen for their durable fabrics and design, and many manufactured by American brands and companies. When you shop with us, you’re supporting US-based craftsmen and designers.

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  1. Main Image
    Braid Beret
  2. Main Image
    Tropic Beret
  3. Main Image
    Bamboo Jax Beret
  4. Wool Jax Beret
    Wool Jax Beret
  5. Anglobasque Beret
    Anglobasque Beret
  6. MONTY™ Wool Beret
    MONTY™ Wool Beret
  7. Main Image
    MONTY™ Tropic Beret
  8. Bermuda Stripe Beret
    Bermuda Stripe Beret
  9. Show Your Teeth Beret
    Show Your Teeth Beret
  10. Fred Segal Colorblock Jax Beret
    Fred Segal Colorblock Jax Beret
  11. B80005A Wool Beret
    B80005A Wool Beret
    Regular Price $100.00 Special Price $75.00
  12. Colour Block Wool Beret
    Colour Block Wool Beret
    Regular Price $33.00 Special Price $9.90

Items 1-12 of 13

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