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Bowlers & Derbies

A derby hat or bowler hat is exactly what you need to elevate your look. Browse our extensive online store for access to premium-quality hats made by all your favorite brands.

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  1. Hats - Natural
    Quil Derby
    Starting at $195.00
  2. Chaplin Panama Bowler
    Chaplin Panama Bowler
    Starting at $200.00
  3. Hats - Burgundy
    404S Homburg
    Starting at $140.00
  4. Hats - Brown S23
    504S Bowler
    Starting at $175.00
  5. Bailey - Flint Gray
    Walsden Homburg
    Regular Price $170.00 Starting at $127.50
  6. Hats - Italian Clay
    Derby Hat
    Regular Price $160.00 Starting at $120.00
  7. Hats - Sunrise
    410 Bowler
    Starting at $120.00
  8. Harker Derby
    Harker Derby
    Starting at $155.00
  9. 504 Homburg
    504 Homburg
    Starting at $170.00
  10. Godfather Homburg
    Godfather Homburg
    Starting at $155.00
  11. Bollman Hat Company 1890s Bollman Collection Bowler - Chestnut
    1890s Bollman Heritage Collection Bowler
    Starting at $125.00
  12. 1860s Bollman Heritage Collection Wide Awake
    1860s Bollman Heritage Collection Wide Awake
    Starting at $125.00
  13. Bailey - java Bean
    Croston Open
    Starting at $400.00

13 Items

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Derby & Bowler Hats For Men

If you’re looking for a chic, stylish hat for your more formal affairs, you’ve come to the right place. At, we carry a number of elegant bowler hats and derby hats in a variety of silhouettes, colors, and materials. Whether you need a wool felt hat for winter or something a little lighter for warm weather, you can find it here at

Versatile Bowler Hats offers trendy hats from leading brands that capture and commemorate the quintessential styles of the fashion world. These are thoughtfully designed pieces that are meant to last for decades. While some maintain a more traditional aesthetic, other styles have unique embellishments to make them stand out, including feathers, patterned under brims, and colorful trim. 

Shop exclusives from your favorite brands, like Bollman Hat Company, Trimmed & Crowned, Bailey 1922, and more ㅡ all available at

Shop with Us

At, we do more than offer a massive selection of derbies and bowler hats for men. We also ensure you know how to care for your hats with guidelines for proper hat etiquette

Whether you’re going to a work function, celebrating a special occasion, or impressing a dinner date, your hat will last for years if you follow our maintenance instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a bowler and derby hat?

There is no difference between the two hats: They are the same. “Bowler” is the term used to describe the hat in the UK, and “derby” is used in the US. Both terms refer to a hat with a round, hard crown and curved brim.


2. Why are bowler hats so popular?

These classic hats are reliable and durable: They can withstand heavy workloads and tough weather conditions without losing their quality or shape. Bowlers are also stylish and versatile and pair well with casual shirts, tuxes, and t-shirts with jeans. You can also accessorize your bowler with a pin, tie, or scarf to further elevate your look.


3. Which face shape works best with the bowler?

Bowlers are most flattering on people with long faces since their curved silhouettes help decrease the cheekbone’s width and make the chin and forehead look wider. People with square pointed jawlines also look great in a rounded bowler hat that balances their silhouette.