Outback Hats

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  1. Eddy Bros. Destry Outback
    Eddy Bros. Destry Outback
    Starting at $54.00
  2. Eddy Bros. Sundown
    Eddy Bros. Sundown
    Starting at $54.00
  3. Wind River® Hostler Outback
    Wind River® Hostler Outback
    Starting at $92.00
  4. Renegade by Bailey® Calico Outback
    Renegade by Bailey® Calico Outback
    Starting at $80.00
  5. Eddy Bros. Knox Outback
    Eddy Bros. Knox Outback
    Starting at $56.00
  6. Polaris Outback
    Polaris Outback
    Starting at $115.00
  7. Main Image
    Gadabout Outback Hat - Exclusive
    Starting at $39.99
  8. Eddy Bros Wild Flush Outback
    Eddy Bros Wild Flush Outback
    Starting at $52.00
  9. Wind River® Hayes Outback
    Wind River® Hayes Outback
    Starting at $90.00
  10. Cotton Duck Outback
    Cotton Duck Outback
    Starting at $80.00
  11. Wind River® Upland Outback
    Wind River® Upland Outback
    Starting at $88.00
  12. Wind River® Recoil Outback
    Wind River® Recoil Outback
    Starting at $92.00

Items 1-12 of 49

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Men’s Outback Hats For Sale 

Hats.com is the leading online retail destination of choice because we carry the top selection of high-quality men’s outback hats for less. Shop all the latest and greatest style looks, including our favorite outback hats for sale. These hats are rugged and look great for work and recreational activities. We offer countless hat styles made from the highest quality materials including wool felt, straw, cotton, and much more. Our outback hats are made with incredible durability while still feeling smooth to the touch. Shoppers receive free shipping on orders over $75.

Headwear For The Modern Outdoorsman 

Our outback hats are modeled after the Aussie countryside as some come with eyelets for added ventilation and comfort. All of our outback headwear display wide brims perfect for gazing out into the hot Australian plains or the great outdoors nearest your backyard. These hats are ideal for those who enjoy cycling, hiking, hunting, or fishing. They protect people against the sun’s harmful rays and have more of a robust outdoor appearance than some of our other formal hats. Find exclusive deals on all our outback hats for sale when you sort by price. 

Straight From The Outback 

Shade your eyes and stay focused on all the outdoor activities you enjoy while sporting an outback hat of your choice. Hats.com offers the best selection of men’s and unisex outback hats from leading brands like Country Gentlemen, Bailey, Jacaru, and much more. Shop our most recent outback hats for sale and be prepared to trailblaze through nature and beyond.