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Our Trilby hats are made by the best designers in the industry. Sophisticated, charming, and incredibly long-standing, you’ll want another closet to fit all the trilby hats we have for sale. These narrow-brimmed hats enhance the appearance of those who wear them. The trilby has become the all-purpose dress hat that cuts across class strata throughout the world. Give your style a makeover with a designer trilby hat. We offer hats made in every color, pattern, and style. At, we even help our shoppers find what hat size they should be wearing with our nifty guide so that everyone can pick the right hat and wear it well. Shop from the world’s premier online hat shop and find the best deals on your next designer trilby hat right here.

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  1. Barclay Trilby
  2. LiteFelt® Hiro Trilby
    100% of 100
    LiteFelt® Hiro Trilby
  3. Wool Arnold
  4. Noakes Trilby
  5. LiteFelt® Stripe Barclay
    LiteFelt® Stripe Barclay
    Regular Price $95.00 Special Price $71.25
  6. LiteFelt® Bolt Trilby
    LiteFelt® Bolt Trilby
    Regular Price $110.00 Special Price $82.50
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  8. Main Image
  9. Hooper Toyo Braid Trilby
  10. Baron Trilby
  11. LiteStraw® Santiago Trilby
  12. Archer Trilby
    100% of 100
    Archer Trilby