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314 Fedora

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Introducing the new wool felt 314 Fedora, a stylish accessory that captures the essence of city charm. Crafted from premium wool felt, this hat exudes a timeless elegance that echoes the city's rich history and cultural heritage. With its wide brim and refined silhouette, the wool felt 314 Fedora pays homage to the architectural wonders that grace the city skyline. Just as a city blends old-world charm with modern sophistication, this hat seamlessly fuses classic style with contemporary flair. Whether strolling along the river or exploring the vibrant neighborhoods of St. Louis, donning this fedora adds a touch captivating spirit to any ensemble.

The artwork on the brim is designed by Dr. Ivan Bub Photography.

Dr. Bub uses Cross Polarized Light Photomicrography which is a photographic technique combining Science and Art, whereby substances are placed on a microscope slide, and photographed using a camera attached to a microscope under cross polarized light. The images produced using this technique are unique, and no two images are alike.

For the fabric design seen on this hat, wool samples and shellac were photographed using this technique, with post processing of the image to achieve this unique result.

More Information
Style Fedora
Brand Trimmed & Crowned
Fabric Wool Felt
Material 100% Wool Felt
Lining Lined
Season Autumn/Winter
USA Made or Imported Made in USA
Country of Manufacture United States