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Hat Seasons & Materials

On, there are several ways to find just the right hat for different climate and weather circumstances. Our hats are separated into two seasonal categories, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, making it very easy to get a general idea what styles work best for your needs.

Another great way to pick your perfect headwear is to learn a little bit about the materials that hat-makers use to build their products. You’ll notice that all of our hats note their material content in the detail and description section of the page. This information is very important because it can give you an excellent idea of the insulating ability, breathability, and durability of the hat. Of course, these details also affect the price, so you’ll be aware of what you’re getting for your money.

Materials for Cooler Weather


Wool Felt


Knit Acrylic

Fleece and Fleece Blends

Details to look for in Autumn/Winter Hats


Inner Lining


Water-Resistant (Snow and Winter Precipitation)

Materials for Warmer Weather






Details to look for in Spring/Summer Hats

UPF Sun Protection

Wide Brim

Ventilation and Ventilation Holes

Sweat-Wicking Inner Bands

Water-Resistant (Rain and Light Showers)

We do our best to include as many details as possible so you get a full understanding of the items on our site. Shop on and you’ll have comfortable headwear for every situation and climate!