Classic & Traditional

Classic & Traditional

The old school always paves the way for everyone’s favorite styles of the present day, and sometimes those old fashion dogs still have a few new tricks to teach us all. Donning a traditional fedora or a vintage cloche is the perfect way to achieve a time-honored look, and you can find the perfect vibe for you when you shop the classic hats available at

Keeping It Classy

We’ve all got our own way of showing our inner sophistication, and that’s why only carries the most high quality brands at prices anyone can appreciate. Whether you’re donning one of our exclusive fedoras and bringing the 20th century back in style, or keeping yourself warm with chic urban flair, there’s a hat waiting to help you express yourself. Classic hats never go out of style, and you’ll never have to worry about not looking the part of the savvy gentleman or sophisticated lady when you shop with

Explore Traditional Hats and More at

You don’t have to worry about spending too much on all the finest fashions when you diversify your wardrobe with the help of Whenever you submit an order in excess of $75 you’ll get your entire shipment delivered to your doorstep at no charge. And if you need help taking care of your newfound collection of classic hats, we’ve got you covered on that front too. Make an impression everywhere you go with these debonair hats that you won’t find at a better value anywhere but

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  1. Tino LiteFelt® Fedora
    Tino LiteFelt® Fedora
  2. Blixen LiteFelt® Fedora
    Blixen LiteFelt® Fedora
  3. Classic LiteFelt® Fedora
    Classic LiteFelt® Fedora
  4. Litefelt® Charlie Stingy Brim Fedora
    Litefelt® Charlie Stingy Brim Fedora
    Regular Price $98.00 Special Price $60.00
  5. Powley Fedora
    Powley Fedora
  6. Furgora 504
    Furgora 504
  7. Wynn LiteFelt® Fedora
    Wynn LiteFelt® Fedora
  8. LiteFelt® Pork Pie
    LiteFelt® Pork Pie
  9. Brandt Fedora
    Brandt Fedora
  10. Jordan LiteFelt® Fedora
    Jordan LiteFelt® Fedora
    Regular Price $98.00 Special Price $59.00
  11. Perry Fedora
    Perry Fedora
  12. Curtis LiteFelt® Fedora
    Curtis LiteFelt® Fedora