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The 5 Most Popular Hat Styles for Men

Hats represent one of the most fundamental options in men’s accessories. Finding their roots in practicality, hats now add stylistic flair to any outfit. What’s more, the massive range of options available in popular hats for guys makes it easy for any individual man to find a style that fits his taste. 

Read on to learn about the most popular hat styles for men, and find the design that works for you! 


When it comes to popular hats for guys, the fedora is probably one of the first styles to pop into mind. A fedora features a dented crown, a soft brim, and malleable fabric that can be shaped to the wearer’s specification. Although fedoras are considered the go-to sartorial accessory for today’s hipsters, they’re actually the most versatile of men’s hats. Adding a fedora to your ensemble results in a classic look that can be tweaked to your individual preference, making it a natural addition to any wardrobe. 

Baseball Cap 

Of course, it’s hard to beat the appeal of a classic baseball cap when creating a list of popular hats for guys. This hat usually features a rounded crown of soft fabric and a stiff visor extending from the front. The classic baseball cap represents a casual style perfect for any occasion. It can be the finishing touch to a smart outfit or a last minute addition that covers up a bad hair day. It’s a well-known contemporary style that you probably already own, making it a must-have addition to your closet. 

Panama Hat 

A Panama hat is a perfect summer choice for men who plan to spend their days around the water. Finding its roots in Ecuador, this traditional brimmed straw hat is the perfect accessory for beachy shirts and sandy backdrops. A seasonal choice in popular hats for guys, the Panama hat features a tight weave that protects against harsh sun rays. The material is light and breathable—perfect for long summer days spent outdoors. 

Flat Cap 

A hat with plenty of historical significance, the flat cap has moved through quite the range of stages in the world of men’s fashion. The style features a rounded cap with a small, stiff brim in front. It dates all the way back to the 16th and 17th century in England, where it was originally worn by chimney sweeps. Today, the flat cap combines form and function for a charming style that provides a little extra warmth. It’s trendy at its core—perfect for adding a dose of character to a casual ensemble. 

Western Hats 

Last, but certainly not least, the classic Western hat rounds out the list of popular hats for guys. In general, this style of hat features a high crown and a wide brim, all made with stiffened felt. Many include a crease down the center with two dimples on either side—creating that classic Western look you know and love. Dependent on where you live, these hats may be a staple element of your wardrobe or a fun costume piece that comes out on special occasions. Either way, they’re versatile accessories that protect against the sun and add some Western flair to your wardrobe. 

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