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Trendy & Fashionable Hats for Women From

If you’ve always said that you’re not a hat person, it might be time to change your mind. Everyone is throwing on a hat these days as a simple, easy accessory for any weather and every time of year. Finding the right hat for you can be fun when you experiment with different styles, shapes, colors, and sizes. Check out our favorite fashionable hats for women that are perfect for all your favorite activities.

Oversized Straw Hats

Straw hats have been a closet staple for many women who love beachy and sunny activities. They’re surprisingly flattering for any face shape and style, as they’re a super versatile choice that comes in every color. From vibrant gem tones to basic neutral hues, there’s an oversized straw hat to go with every outfit. If you’re unsure about adding fashionable hats for women to your wardrobe, straw hats are a good place to start.

Veiled Hats

A throwback to the 20s through the 40s, veiled hats have been making a comeback for a few years on and off the runway. Whether you choose a jaunty, off-kilter boater or a floral crown, adding a veil is all about sophistication and elegance. Many retro fashionistas love topping their outfits with veiled hats in dark hues like navy, burgundy, forest green, and black.

Boater Hats

A variation of the straw hat, boaters tend to have a stiffer, shorter brim than the beach going version. Many designers have turned to boaters as the most fashionable hats for women, and made them modern by choosing metallic hues and psychedelic designs. Boaters are an incredibly versatile choice, as they can be worn on the back of your head to show off your face or at an elegant angle to counterbalance an asymmetric blouse or dress.

Felt Fedoras

Fedoras are another closet staple for many because they tend towards the neutral in design and color scheme. Minimalist and rustic, the felt fedora is perfect for the boho chic gal that loves attending concerts and events in the park. Paired with flowing fabrics and lots of dangling jewelry, the fedora transforms from a masculine design to something a little more elemental and fun.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats nearly disappeared from the fashion world completely in the early 90s, but they are making a strong comeback on today’s runway. Infused with unique colors, prints, and patterns, the basic design of the hat has remained unchanged, but it’s energetic vibe and spunky personality always shines through.

At, we want to make it easy to help you find all the most fashionable hats for women to ensure you have tons of options when it comes to headwear and accessories. Learn more about the designs we love and the style we recommend when you keep up with our blog!