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  1. Hats - Red
    214S Optimo
    Starting at $115.00
  2. Hats - Lime
    213S Fedora
    Starting at $150.00
  3. 312 Fedora - Tobacco/S
    312 Fedora
    Starting at $105.00
  4. 512 Fedora - Seafoam/S
    512 Fedora
    Starting at $150.00
  5. 212 Fedora - Burgundy/S
    212 Fedora
    Starting at $150.00
  6. Alternate View
    Pauly Fedora
    Regular Price $88.00 Starting at $61.60
  7. Alternate View
    Stallworth Fedora
    Regular Price $175.00 Starting at $131.25
  8. Ronit Fedora - Burgundy/S
    Ronit Fedora
    Starting at $90.00
  9. Tropic Player - Black/S
    Tropic Player
    Starting at $70.00
  10. Blixen Limited Edition Fedora - Evening Sky/S
    Blixen Limited Edition Fedora
    Regular Price $118.00 Starting at $73.50
  11. Bailey of Hollywood Stedman Elite Velour Fedora - Camel
    Stedman Elite Fedora
    Regular Price $168.00 Starting at $84.00
  12. Bollman Hat Company Darla L. Fedora - Exclusive - Red Lacquer
    Darla L. Fedora - Exclusive
    Starting at $200.00
  13. Bollman Hat Company Judy F. Fedora - Exclusive - Burgundy
    Judy F. Fedora - Exclusive
    Starting at $200.00
  14. Winters Fedora - Black/S
    Winters Fedora
    Regular Price $145.00 Starting at $72.50
  15. Ammon Fedora - Almond/S
    Ammon Fedora
    Starting at $175.00
  16. Bailey of Hollywood Riff Fedora - Black
    Riff Fedora
    Regular Price $133.00 Starting at $66.50
  17. Bailey of Hollywood Blixen LiteFelt® Fedora  - Black
    Blixen LiteFelt® Fedora
    Regular Price $118.00 Starting at $77.25
  18. Jackman Fedora - Dark Brown/S
    Jackman Fedora
    Starting at $135.00
  19. Curtis LiteFelt® Fedora - Black/L
    Curtis LiteFelt® Fedora
    Regular Price $118.00 Starting at $59.00
  20. Bailey of Hollywood Classic LiteFelt® Fedora - Black
    Classic LiteFelt® Fedora
    Starting at $118.00
  21. Tino LiteFelt® Fedora - Black/L
    Tino LiteFelt® Fedora
    Regular Price $105.00 Starting at $52.50

21 Items

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Women’s Shop by Style: Fedoras

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