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Floppy/Wide Brim Hats

Floppy/Wide Brim Hats

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  1. Victoria Wide Brim
    Victoria Wide Brim
    Starting at $73.00
  2. Stellan Wide Brim
    Stellan Wide Brim
    Regular Price $370.00 Starting at $220.00
  3. 1870s Bollman Heritage Collection Spoon
    1870s Bollman Heritage Collection Spoon
    Starting at $120.00
  4. Makeda Wide Brim Hat
    Makeda Wide Brim Hat
    Starting at $250.00
  5. Margo Wide Brim Floppy
    Margo Wide Brim Floppy
    Starting at $325.00
  6. Panama Sun Hat
    Panama Sun Hat
    Starting at $120.00
  7. Juliet 8 Bretton
    Juliet 8 Bretton
    Regular Price $240.00 Starting at $120.00
  8. Alyssa Wide Brim
    Alyssa Wide Brim
    Regular Price $320.00 Starting at $224.00
  9. Provence Swell 10
    Provence Swell 10
    Regular Price $270.00 Starting at $189.00
  10. Provence 8 Bretton
    Provence 8 Bretton
    Starting at $235.00
  11. Main Image
    Provence 12 Bretton
    Starting at $250.00
  12. Main Image
    Tahani Sun Hat
    Regular Price $255.00 Starting at $200.00

Items 1-12 of 34

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Women's Floppy Hats

Uncover floppy hats for women in timeless styles. Ramp up your accessory game with a hat that suits your head to perfection. has a sensational selection of hats in a range of designs. Experiment with different silhouettes to find out what flatters your head. Take a chance and wear something you never considered before. We get new arrivals all the time, so you never know what wide brim floppy hats you might find in our stock. Better start shopping.

Fabulous Brims

Wide-brimmed, warm weather hats never go out of style. They remain some of the most popular floppy hats for women. Typically, fedoras have just enough structure to provide a bit of edge to your appearance. Seek out fedora crowns with floppier, wider brims to stand out and demand notice. Black is an equally timeless color, but don't limit yourself. Dare to wear burgundy, navy blue, or a totally unexpected hue.

Wide Brimmed Happiness

Love summer-inspired, glamorous looks? Check out wide brim floppy hats that evoke bygone areas. Adopt a Parisian aesthetic in a dramatic, sweeping hat with a wide brim. Floppy hats are ideal for day-to-day outdoor wear. They can also spice up an ensemble for a special occasion.

Stylish Sun Hats

Floppy hats for women are perfect for ladies with a flair for drama, at least when it comes to fashion. Browse our array of sun hats with oversized brims. Choose a large, unstructured hat to set a mood. Discover sun hats that you can wear in the garden or at the beach.

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