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  1. Aleeya 9 Fringe Visor
    Aleeya 9 Fringe Visor
    Regular Price $210.00 Starting at $157.50
  2. Palm Leaf / Natural Logo
    Bianca Visor
    Regular Price $195.00 Starting at $156.00
  3.  Natural
    Kirsten Visor
    Starting at $210.00
  4. Hat - White/Red
    Golf Sun Visor
    Regular Price $85.00 Starting at $51.00
  5. Marisol Visor
    Marisol Visor
    Starting at $225.00
  6. Orange Selenite/Sand
    Aleeya 9 Visor
    Starting at $195.00
  7. Charcoal
    Maris Visor
    Starting at $195.00
  8. Nougat/Off White
    Rosalie Visor
    Starting at $195.00
  9. Mita Visor
    Mita Visor
    Starting at $210.00
  10. Mai Visor
    Mai Visor
    Starting at $225.00
  11. Arise Visor
    Arise Visor
    Regular Price $295.00 Starting at $236.00
  12. Natural/Black Logo
    Marina Visor
    Starting at $175.00
  13. Hats - Electric Pink/Cherry Glow
    Beach Side Visor
    Regular Price $65.00 Starting at $32.50
  14. Aleeya 11 Visor
    Aleeya 11 Visor
    Starting at $210.00
  15. Sabina Visor
    Sabina Visor
    Starting at $250.00
  16. Lavender Mix
    Vine Visor
    Regular Price $210.00 Starting at $168.00
  17. UA Women's Launch Run Visor
    UA Women's Launch Run Visor
    Starting at $25.00
  18. Zinnia Visor
    Zinnia Visor
    Starting at $190.00
  19. Nougat/Palm Leaf
    Medea Visor
    Starting at $225.00
  20. Nougat/Lavender Fog
    Jodie Visor
    Starting at $210.00
  21. Waverley Visor
    Waverley Visor
    Starting at $195.00
  22. Blanca Visor
    Blanca Visor
    Starting at $240.00
  23. Saoirse Visor
    Saoirse Visor
    Starting at $295.00

23 Items

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Visor Hats for Every Woman

Get noticed wherever you go with an incredibly fashionable and functional visor hat for protection against the sun. Shop our exceptionally wide inventory of women's visor hats for active lifestyles at These trendy hats are a perfect blend for any casual or sporty summer wardrobe and are available in exclusive designs and a wide range of fabrics. The right women’s hat will help complete your look and match your outfit. Stand out with a visor hat fitted with stylish feminine finishing touches to add class and sophistication to your active lifestyle wear.

Versatile Visors for the Win

We carry an assortment of ladies’ visors from top designer brands for every style profile. Our visor hats protect your face from the sun and provide easy shade for your eyes. Whether you’re traveling, engaging in sports, or running outdoor errands, our ladies’ visor hats are the perfect summer accessory for your wardrobe. Some can even easily roll up to fit any handbag.

Shop the Best Hats for Women

Cap off your sensational outdoor outfit with an elegant visor hat. Dare to be different for any day spent at the races, sunny jaunts at the beach, or even days out exploring new destinations. Feel free to buy now and pay later with our Sezzle payment method, and get ready to earn points you can redeem for rewards through our Rewards Program. Browse our best-selling ladies’ hats and order today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are visors so helpful for staying cool in the summer?

Visor hats do more than just shield your face and eyes from the sun. These caps also feature open crowns on top to keep your body cool. That’s because the open crowns won’t trap your body heat like the closed crowns of other types of hats do.


2. What types of visors are available for women?

At, you can choose from a wide selection of women’s visor options ranging from knitted visors to cotton visors, push-on visors, roll-up visors, braid visors, twisty visors, wrap visors, and more. Visors are also available in a variety of colors to match your favorite summer ensembles, including charcoal, pink/cherry, and even orchid. You can also take advantage of visors featuring prints, such as a floral print or a camel-check print, for a fun look.


3. What makes visors a better choice than floppy hats during a beach outing?

Floppy hats aren’t convenient to wear on beach days if you’re wearing a bun or ponytail. They also take up more space in your beach bag. Fortunately, visor hats are the perfect alternative. Visor hats roll up easily and therefore don’t take up much space in your suitcase or beach bag.