Types of Winter Hats to Keep You Warm

man in snow wearing Melin baseball hatman in snow wearing Melin baseball hat

‘Tis the season to be… freezing. #falalalala 


Fortunately, a wide variety of hats for cold weather are available this winter. That means staying warm can actually be a breeze. 


The question is, what types of winter hats are best for keeping you both warm and in vogue?


Here’s a rundown on the top types of winter hats for today’s warmth-loving fashionistas. 



Trapper Hat

woman wearing faux fur trapper type of winter hatwoman wearing faux fur trapper type of winter hat

The trapper hat remains one of the best types of winter hats. Why? Because this winter essential will easily shelter your ears, forehead, and hair from the cold. The hat’s ear flaps may be worn down or up. If you wear them down, their fabric will cover your jawline. This will further protect you from the winter elements.


The Faux Fur Trapper is a particularly good choice for multiple reasons. First, its durable and quality materials will last you many winters. Second, its thick crown keep and ear flaps (worn either up or down, your choice) keep you cozy and warm. And third, the materials don’t use any real fur at all — without compromising on quality.  It comes in a striking black, perfect for matching any winter outfit..

Beanie Hat


Looking for the best types of winter hats? Find forget to add either masculine or feminine beanies to your winter wardrobe, depending on your preference. An Under Armour Truckstop Beanie stands out for its casual style. Try Kangol’s Cardinal 2-way Beanie for an extra-warm and effortlessly cool look. If you want something that stands out, the Lover Bear Beanie by Goorin Bros. features a patch on its front cuff of a rearing bear with a heart on its chest!


Wool beanies are especially great to wear in harsh winter climates. That’s because wool is an excellent insulating material. It will combat strong winds and cold chills to keep you warm on every winter land rendezvous.

Ushanka Hat

ushanka type of winter hatushanka type of winter hat

No list of the best types of winter hats should exclude the ushanka. That’s because this traditional Russian cap will keep your head snug — guaranteed. Why? Because the hat has flaps to give your ears extra protection against the cold. 


Our Wool Ushanka features wool and a soft satin lining for a stylishly toasty touch. And feel free to choose black, vino, and even dark flannel color options to elevate your look.

Watch Cap

watch cap type of winter hatwatch cap type of winter hat

The best hats for cold weather also include the watch cap. These types of winter hats are essentially shorter-style beanies. Polyester plush caps will easily keep your noggin looking and feeling its best.


Kangol’s Plush Watch Cap has a shell fabricated with a beautiful faux sherpa for a truly high-end look. The best hats also feature an adjuster to provide you with an excellent fit. And with black and off-white versions available, this hat will match any outfit.


wool beret type of winter hatwool beret type of winter hat

Nothing beats berets if you’re looking for show-stopping hats for cold weather, and there’s a range of designs for both men and women to explore. Berets have always been the epitome of chicness. But the best ones for winter are also extra warm thanks to their wool felt material.


Because berets have historically been worn by both men and women, there’s a plethora of unisex designs — especially by Kangol. Consider adding the Wool Jax Beret to your winter wardrobe. This hat’s crown is flat and has eight eye-catching quartered panels. The hat can be styled in several ways with ease. This makes it the perfect versatile yet simple style piece to keep on hand. At the same time, the French-style cap is warm and comfortable enough to wear all day long. And you can choose from a multitude of beret colors to find the one that gives your outfit an edge.


Faux Fur Bucket Hat

faux fur bucket hat for winter weatherfaux fur bucket hat for winter weather

Searching for an alternative to a winter beanie? Consider the Faux Fur Bucket by Kangol. This fluffy option will always be on trend with its classy bucket shape. Plus, you can get this favorite winter hat in a variety of standout colors and patterns.


Feeling like unleashing your wild side? Try the lavender leopard version of this plush headwear. Want something a bit more neutral while still drawing eyes? Consider a black or tan check bucket hat. No matter which one you wear, expect coziness and compliments every time.

Stay Warm This Winter with Several Types of Trendy Winter Hats from Hats.com


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